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LED development
Apr 24, 2017

According to statistics, the current domestic led industry chain for the main business of the listed companies have about 20, design led by the listed companies to reach 70 home or so. At present, the country has 100-200 led enterprises to complete the joint-stock reform, ready to go to the market, forward-looking forecasts of this batch of at least 10 can be listed. Future LED lighting market will usher in the outbreak period.

Forward-looking Industry Research Institute published "2014-2018 China LED lighting industry market prospects and investment strategy planning Analysis Report", 2014 global LED lighting output will reach 35.04 trillion billion U.S. dollars, the next five years of domestic led will be in a high growth period, the next five years the output value will exceed 1 trillion yuan. At present, the domestic LED lighting penetration rate is only 20, the next five years of the penetration of LED lighting may exceed 80%, the production value will maintain more than 25% annual composite growth rate.

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