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Technology and characteristics of LED lamps
Apr 24, 2017

The so-called LED lamps, as the name implies, refers to the lamp products using LED (Light-emitting Diode, light-emitting diode) technology as the main source of luminescence. LED is a solid-state semiconductor component that utilizes current flows to semiconductor p-n junction coupling. The negative electrons separated from the semiconductor are coupled with the positively charged electric holes, and the photon emission is produced, and the different kinds of LEDs can emit light from the infra-red to Blu-ray, with the violet to ultraviolet rays. In recent years, the new development is on the Blu-ray led coated with fluorescent powder, the blue light led into white LED products. This operation generally requires a combination of drive circuit (led Driver) or power supply (the Power Supply), the main function of the driving circuit or supply is to convert AC voltages to DC power supplies, and at the same time to complete the voltage and current compatible with the led to drive the components.

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