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The type of LED and its development history
Apr 24, 2017

The first LED light source used in the semiconductor p-n junction luminescence principle was invented in in the late 1960 of the 20th century. The materials used at that time were GaAsP, glowing red (λ p =650nm), when the driving current was 20 ma, luminous flux was only a thousand lumens, corresponding luminous efficiency of about 0.1 lumens/watts. In the mid-70, the introduction of elements in and N, led to the production of green light (λ p =555nm), yellow (λ p =590nm) and orange light (λ P =610nm), light effect also increased to 1 lumens/watts. By 80 The early 1990s, there appeared GaAlAs led light source, making the red LED light effect reaches 10 lumens/watts. 90 The early 1990s, the red, yellow GaAlInP and hair green, Blu-ray GaInN Two new materials development success, led to the light efficiency greatly improved. In 2000, the former made led in the red, orange area (λ P =615nm) of the light effect of 100 lumens/watts, whereas the latter made of led in the green area (λ p =530nm) of the light effect can reach 50 lumens/watts.

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