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Lamp Holder Symbol System
May 31, 2018

One of the purposes of this symbology is to make each designated symbol short, easy to read, and helpful to indicate its purpose. The symbol system consists of letters, numbers, and tokens, each of which has its own meaning. Only one symbol should be used for each specific lamp and lamp holder. The symbol system cannot be used to identify the material used in the lamp holder. The parts of a symbol system should be linked together without any gaps or other delimiters.

The complete symbol of the lamp base takes the following form.

Lamp symbol: (a) (b) (c) - (d) / (e) × (f)

Lampholder symbols: (a) (b) (c) - (d) NOTE: Abbreviated lamp symbols may be used, but such an acronym must not be misunderstood.

The symbol in front of the slashes in the lamp symbol indicates the importance of interchangeability in a corresponding lamp holder with a lamp cap. This particular part of the symbol is the same for the lamp head and the lamp socket it uses. The portion of the lamp symbol behind the slash (if it exists) represents some of the important dimensions of the lamp cap, but these dimensions are not an integral part of the interchange requirements of the lamp in the lamp holder. However, this size is very important for the interchangeability of different sources of lamp heads mounted on the same type of lamp.

Note: The terminology of IEC is the opposite of North American terminology. The contact part and the fixed part of the lampless lamp are called "the lamp end".

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