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Lamp Holder Type
May 31, 2018

According to its material can be divided into:

1. Plastic bakelite lamp holder

Ceramic lamp holder

3. Metal lamp holder:

Wooden lamp holder

Divided by lamp connection mode:

1. Riveted type: riveting the wire directly to the lamp holder

2. Lock type: use the two poles of lamp holder to lock the wire

3. Plug-in type: Use the wire tin or package wire terminal to insert the lamp pole

According to the design of the lamp holder, the process is divided into:

1. Single lamp type: single lamp holder

2. Twins type: two lamp holder are designed together, usually with back open and split

3. Triplets: Three Lamps Designed Together

Divided by function:

1, light body (flat) lamp holder

2, the outer ring lamp holder

a. Full ring lamp holder

b. Half ring lamp holder

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