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Main Features Of LED Lamps
Apr 24, 2017

Fluorescent lamp at each end of a filament, the lamp tube filled with a trace of argon and thin mercury vapor, the tube inside the wall coated with fluorescent powder, two-two filament between the gas conductive to emit ultraviolet light, so that the fluorescent powder emit soft visible light.

Fluorescent lamp work Characteristics: The lamp is started to ignite a high voltage, normal luminescence only allowed to pass a small current, when the lamp at both ends of the voltage below the power supply.

Fluorescent tubes are fitted with a filament, the glass tube wall coated with a uniform thin fluorescent powder, the tube is vacuum vacuum degrees 10-3-10-4 mm Hg, filled with a small amount of inert gas, but also injected into a trace of liquid mercury. Inductance ballast is a core inductance coil, the nature of the inductance is when the coil in the current changes, the online circle will cause the flux changes, resulting in induction electromotive force, the direction of the current contrary to the direction, thus hindering the current change.

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