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The Characteristics Of LED Light Source
Apr 24, 2017

① New green light Source: Led use of cold light source, glare small, no radiation, the use of no harmful substances. LED operating voltage Low, DC drive mode, ultra-low power consumption (single-tube 0.03~0.06W), electro-optic power conversion of nearly 100%, in the same lighting effect than the traditional light energy saving more than 80%%. LED environmental benefits are better, the spectrum is not ultraviolet and infra-red, and waste can be recycled, no pollution, non-mercury elements, can safely touch, belonging to a typical green lighting.

② long life: LED for solid cold light source, epoxy encapsulation, anti-vibration, the lamp body also has no loose part, there is no filament light burning, thermal deposition, light failure, such as shortcomings, the use of life can reach 60,000 ~10 million hours, is the traditional light source life expectancy of more than 10 times times. Led performance is stable, can work in -30~+50oC environment.

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